Niraj Chag

Hi Niraj,

Love your music! I just had a couple of questions if you don't mind :)

1. When is your next full album release? Eagerly awaiting it!

2. I have searched for the lyrics to Requiem but I can't find them - any chance you could share them?


Niraj Chag responded on 09/20/2018

Hi Asif,

Thanks for your questions. I am planning on releasing some singles and shorter EP'S next. Album wont be for a while yet. Here are the lyrics for Requiem:

He naath, jodi haath paye premthi sau mangiye
Sharano male sachu tamaru ae rudaythi mangiye...
Je jiv avyo aap pase charanma apnavjo
Parmatma ae atmane shanti sachi aapjo...

Susampati suvichar ne sat karmano daee vaarso
Janamo janam sat sangthi kirtar par utarjo
Aa lokne parlokma tav prem rag rag vyapjo
Parmatma ae atmane shanti sachi aapjo...

All the best,


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