Niraj Chag

I would like to translate the lyrics to "Baarvari" into English - where can I get this?

Niraj Chag responded on 08/05/2017

Here is an English translation of the Baavaria lyrics for you.

On the river bank, like a crazy girl (infatuated)
I long for you/seek your path O my dear one
My heart beats restlessly, and worries O darling

Verse 1
I sing away happily, and jangle (melodies with) my anklets
O my lover, while I wait for you

Verse 2
Why do you cause me so much distress, I don’t like anything without you
I cant figure out your riddles

Mid 8
O my dear one, in your eyes my love, Ive seen so many dreams, my darling
Why do you taunt me, why do you make me cry and why do you play such tricks on my heart?

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