Niraj Chag

Hi Niraj

I recently started looking for music for my wedding video and absolutely love 'Mori Atariya' and 'Sawan' but can't for the life of me find english translations to understand the lyrics....

Please could you be so kind as to post the meanings? For me and all fans out there?


Niraj Chag responded on 08/20/2016

Hi Advaitha,
I must say i really love your name - it has a wonderful meaning!

Here is a very short synopsis of what the two songs are about. I hope that helps...

Mori Atariya:
There is a saying in Indian culture that when a crow sings near your house it is a sign of good fortune. In this love song she sees it as a sign that her lover is returning home

This is a song about the romantic monsoon season and how she longs for her lover.

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