Niraj Chag

Hello Niraj,

This might seem like a bit odd of a question/request, but do you know of similar composers such as yourself that cater toward the classical South Asian sound?

I'm basically looking for unheard of artists/songs that you might hear playing in the background of a wedding function or possibly mixed into the background of a wedding video.

Your songs "It's Life" and "Baavaria" are prefect examples of what I'm after. They not only beautiful sung and composed, but they have mellow sound with South Asian roots. Surprisingly, it's been extremely tough for me to locate many music similar to yours (beautiful sung and composed).

Once again, I'm looking for more underground or up & coming/new artists, producers, or composers who fit into this genre. Any help would be GREATLY appreciate sir. Please continue to share your talents and I can't wait for you to release more material.

Niraj Chag responded on 02/13/2014

have a listen to Kiran Ahluwalia. Shes an Indian/Canadian artist who creates some great music.

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