Niraj Chag
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Hi Niraj,

Love your music! I just had a couple of questions if you don't mind :)

1. When is your next full album release? Eagerly awaiting it!

2. I have searched for the lyrics to Requiem but I can't find them - any chance you could share them?


Niraj Chag responded on 09/20/2018

Hi Asif,

Thanks for your questions. I am planning on releasing some singles and shorter EP'S next. Album wont be for a while yet. Here are the lyrics for Requiem:

He naath, jodi haath paye premthi sau mangiye
Sharano male sachu tamaru ae rudaythi mangiye...
Je jiv avyo aap pase charanma apnavjo
Parmatma ae atmane shanti sachi aapjo...

Susampati suvichar ne sat karmano daee vaarso
Janamo janam sat sangthi kirtar par utarjo
Aa lokne parlokma tav prem rag rag vyapjo
Parmatma ae atmane shanti sachi aapjo...

All the best,



I collect vinyl - do you have any plans to release your albums (which are all fantastic) on vinyl?

Niraj Chag responded on 05/07/2018

Hi Gopal.

I would actually love to release the albums on vinyl one day. I havent released anything on vinyl for close to 20 years now but people are getting more interested in the format now so I will defintely keep you posted if i manage to release some vinyl.

Best wishes,



hello, i am a violinist based near Manchester. Someone has requested your lovely song 'its life' for a wedding may 7th. Do you have a version of the song without violin in it as i will be doing the violin part?thanks!

Niraj Chag responded on 04/24/2018

Hello, Currently there is no version available without the lead violin part but if I release a version without the part I will certainly let you know.


Super specific, but is there any way I can get a soundtrack from the Picasso Power of Art film with Schama? Loved the music

Niraj Chag responded on 03/08/2018

Im so pleased that the music resonated with you.
Unfortunately it was never made available commercially but I will certainly let you know if that changes in the future!

Best Wishes,



Could you let me know when your next concert is please? I have been enjoying you music for a number of years and would love to attend a concert like the one at St Lukes in Nov 09.

Niraj Chag responded on 12/11/2017

Hi Umesh,

Thanks for your question. No live plans currently but I will definitely keep you posted with performances in the New Year.

Kind Regards,



Will you be doing any show in the New York area in the future?

Niraj Chag responded on 08/05/2017

There arent any plans for NY shows this year. I will keep you posted on my blog should that change though.


I would like to translate the lyrics to "Baarvari" into English - where can I get this?

Niraj Chag responded on 08/05/2017

Here is an English translation of the Baavaria lyrics for you.

On the river bank, like a crazy girl (infatuated)
I long for you/seek your path O my dear one
My heart beats restlessly, and worries O darling

Verse 1
I sing away happily, and jangle (melodies with) my anklets
O my lover, while I wait for you

Verse 2
Why do you cause me so much distress, I don’t like anything without you
I cant figure out your riddles

Mid 8
O my dear one, in your eyes my love, Ive seen so many dreams, my darling
Why do you taunt me, why do you make me cry and why do you play such tricks on my heart?


Hi Niraj!
Why Vaani is no more available on your youtube channel? It is my fav song...


Niraj Chag responded on 01/09/2017

Hi Julia,
Im really pleased that you like Vaani. Ive checked and it was never on my youTube channel. I think it was auto-generated by YouTube but then they took all the auto-generated content down when Google launched their music streaming service.

Hope that helps.

Warm wishes,



Hi Niraj

I recently started looking for music for my wedding video and absolutely love 'Mori Atariya' and 'Sawan' but can't for the life of me find english translations to understand the lyrics....

Please could you be so kind as to post the meanings? For me and all fans out there?


Niraj Chag responded on 08/20/2016

Hi Advaitha,
I must say i really love your name - it has a wonderful meaning!

Here is a very short synopsis of what the two songs are about. I hope that helps...

Mori Atariya:
There is a saying in Indian culture that when a crow sings near your house it is a sign of good fortune. In this love song she sees it as a sign that her lover is returning home

This is a song about the romantic monsoon season and how she longs for her lover.


Hello Mr. Chang, I know you have been asked before about the "Simon Schama's Power of Art" soundtrack but there was no update about it. I was wondering if it would still be possible to buy or access the music on the certain soundtrack. I appreciate it and good luck! (love your music)

Niraj Chag responded on 08/20/2016

Hi Robert,
Thank you for your message. Im sorry for not updating you regarding the music.
Ive not yet managed to find the time to release the music. I do hope to one day put together an album of the music featured in the series but it does take time to organise the session files from such a long time ago.
I will make a note to message you if i do manage to get it released.

Best wishes,